What's on the horizon for you?

We would all like to know what's around the corner or what to expect next, in other words "what's on the horizon", especially in testing times like financial recessions and natural disasters.

At Tellman we don't make predictions, instead we share with you information and new knowledge passed on to us through prophetic revelation received since 1974.

Regenerating generosity

We cover topics on daily living to support you and your family through the challenges of every day life. Our hundreds of spiritual aphorisms cover a wide range of topics giving you easy to remember guidance, providing hope and inspiration.

This information has been gifted to us and in turn we share this with you, as instructed. Passing on these gifts to others will continue the cycle of regenerating generosity.

Ground breaking scientific revelation

Since 1974 God has given us, through prophecy, ground breaking scientific revelation, specifically relating to energy and how we can obtain a renewable and abundant source.

Our scientific section begins to reveal the possibilities for our future. In turn, linking our lives, actions and behaviour to our access of these gifts like energy.